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What does memberships include?

Memberships include all of the benefits of Sponsoradvisor tool, plus several additional benefits our guests have told us they consider valuable. For example, Memberships feature a minimal upfront cost with immediate activation; a low monthly payment with no hassles; free upgrades for life (as applicable) and you can cancel it anytime you like after the first 12 months.

All of the Monthly Membership benefits are essentially the same as the Anual Membership benefits at the same level.

Can i cancel my membership?

Your “upgraded” Membership will be active immediately after you complete the claim . If you want to cancell The process of your previous order may take several business days to complete.

Do I need to renew my membership every year?

A Monthly Membership never needs to be renewed. It will continue until you cancel it.

An Anual Membership needs to be renewed once the year is expired

Do I have to send in my payment each month?

It depends. We will automatically charge the Paypal account or credit card account you provided us with or you can just send the payment receipt the first 5 days of the comming month.